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So you turn another year
talking 'bout crucifying 
Saving all your fear
wanna put it on a fire 
Let it burn to the sky
and fly away
like little birds
flying to the sun 
Boy unconscious stew
New York to Carolina
You've been doing what you're doing
but you wanna get it higher
Let your heart grow
and open your arms
like the rays of the sun
Nothing gonna hurt you
Open your arms
Nothing gonna hurt you
Be a fool
Nothing gonna hurt you
Step back  step back
What you're saying's not true
It's a cruel world
It will hurt you
It'll tear you down
Steal everything you'll ever try to do
I know that voice too
Too well, it's true
That's what people do
What are you gonna do?
Are you going to live in fear
or are you going to stand up
Sing your truth
Open your arms
Yes it's going to hurt you
Open your arms
Be a fool
Open your arms
That snake is bound to bite you