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Here We Are...

Here we are
All dust, all stars
Old heart catcher
Got a moonshine jar
Lost in a dream
As we try to retrieve
Pieces from yesterday
What will they be
Open the box

Inside there's a string
Your skin is the air
And your blood sings
On and on
What will it be
Ambling ambrosia
Casting your seeds

Come on, come on

The road you're on
The darkness flowers into the dawn
Digital daylight
Electronic stars
Primitive eyes
and old fashioned hearts
Nostalgic leaves

fall from the trees
and the smell in the air's
of an old memory
On and on

All dust all stars
Shake your thing man
Be who you are

On and on
as we walk through the bars
Cocktail queens, can you send me to Mars
What will it be
A new memory
Remember the child wanted to sing
Pulsing through fingertips
Drips on a string
How do they know you, man
What will it be
Serving up songs
Serving up drinks
I'll tell you the future's a new memory
On and on
Finding religion inside the bars
Singing to no one
Singing to sing
Singing to god
Sing, sing
Bus stop digestion
You know who we are
with a neon reflection
with a Glo-stick heart
Dust storm detection
We vacate the scene
Shall we dance or seek refuge
in an acid cabaret
On and on
as the poets go on
Mushroom mandolins
Kangaroo jars
Medieval things
Melodica sings
Crooning with bullhorns
The party begins
CC Rider and summertime cries
Operatic ladies
who sing about my mice
The drummers with sticks
Z she strips
Speed with the words
Fumbling from his lips

On and on
All dust all stars
Shake your thing man
Be who you are