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Smoking Signals

Two rocks, a hammer
and some chains to
tie my hands

Two boots, the dirt, some food
some land to
dig it in

I cut the wood
tear down
build up for
moving in

A hole, the mud, a pipe
look out I'm
getting in

Wash your hands and clean the floor
Get some money for the store
Move the papers on your desk
Breathe some air into your head
Pop the bubble
concrete feet will
hold you here

Fall in the lake
then go fishing 
Little Bear

Rest your bones
upon the seashore
Salt tears

I'll trade
this lucky key
the next time
you are near
Stop that buzzing over there
Stretch your bones and wash your hair
Change your strings
Dust your wings
Sing a song
Sharpen your sting

There's a baby in the bucket
of my eye
Plastic dolls holding Mary
will be enough

There are mermaids
they can't follow
on the shore

There are hermits
wet from swimming
drying off

Call the plastic wooden doves
Give them wings and they'll fly off
Lucky ones will get away
Smoking signals
on the cake