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Mind Looping

This loop I'm making
Climbing up
The stairs are breaking
Which way's the sun
This mirrored sky
I can't come down

I'm hungry
Then I'm not
Which way's the pie
There's money, and there's love
Should I take mine

The seeds I planted
all chasing tails
These thoughts are breaking
and I'm asking 
why there
What worries worries
as my mind loops

If the sun were to collide
with me then break
If the oceans were to rise up
and take it all away

What could I do
Get down, and melt beside you
What should I do

Decide a thing and learn

to swim inside a truth
Is it time to sit down
Maybe time to stand
Is it time to fill this belly up again
My bag it's empty
I go to work

Is it true that when the bell rings
our mouths fill up
Or could it have been the angel's wings
that you thought of

My phone rings
then rings again
Familiar voices
all making plans
The word you cast
comes back again

If you know what you want
you can do it, then
Find the difference between what you can and can't do
to stop this mind from looping

What should I do
Enjoy the ride
Just let it be
What could I do

Decide a thing and learn
to swim inside a truth
Now, I have discovered
heavenly bliss
I cannot miss
I cannot miss