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Sea Love

Between the stars and raggedy Anne
Miss Yvonne is asleep on the bed

We call the snake people
to order the moon

Why count the days
when you can count the light on a stone

Weight of a stone
the light on a stone

Searching for beautiful rocks on the shore

Pluto's the mirrored one apart from them all

There is a heart with wings
your telescope must have missed

Careful beneath it though
for you might have to kiss

Then you'll wish another kiss
Then you wish

   How do you see this
How do you see it
She feeds the fish
happy fish, in a bowl

Checks to see who's looking
puts on her wig and feathered boa

Standing on a yellow chair
with a giant plastic ball

She screamed for help
what's the meaning of it all

She dropped the ball
She drops the ball
She dropped the ball
I play the pedal strings

My cowboy hat is new

I've got a twin brother
I wonder what he's doing

Seen all the best laid eggs
now broken on the floor

Come sweep them up now, lady
then we'll break some more

Even the score
Four to four
Even the score

How do you see this
How do you see

See love, see love, see love
Sea love, sea love, sea love