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Up and down the street again
illegal like an immigrant
on borrowed time
and darkened dreams
My future's in a fat man's hands
Empty chasing after eggs

It's hard to plan without real pay
Birdhouse living in the clouds
I don't know when they'll throw me out

Are my dreams
manipulating strings
I'm simple and ideal means

If I need the time, I use the phone
Who's imitating, it's just a mode
Avoided it, now I'm growing cold
as the pirates offer someone else's gold
Once again a brand new twist

I almost died, so why resist
I like it here, and I like it there
Narcissistic rose to stare
My dreams
manipulating strings
Be simple and ideal means
Today I saw two galaxies
The paper said they're colliding
at a hundred million light-years wide
I hope they learn to get along

Today I read a suit of lights

Allure the bull
Win the fight
A matador, a magician's cape
Stealing lines from great man's paint
My dreams
manipulating strings
I'm simple and ideal means
I'm wide open and ideal means