In Honor of World Refugee Day: New Song The Flowers Children Available for Free Download

I wrote the song The Flowers Children in the spring of 2012 inspired by images and stories from the conflict in Syria. After learning that June 20th is World Refugee Day it seemed a good moment to share The Flowers Children and reflect on the ongoing tragedy in Syria. In the last three years over a hundred thousand Syrians have been killed and over three million displaced.

It is easy to read, and imagine, listen, consume and create. Not as easy to take a moment, a leap of faith even and try and help. Here are two organizations working on behalf of Refugees in Syria and throughout the world. Let's take a moment and send some help. Thanks for listening!

International Rescue Committee

Oxfam America/International


Here is a link to the brand new video for the single "Magic Slim vs. Dynamite". The song is a classic tale of two men dance battling on the street for money, fame and of course a woman. For the video we got a group of friends together and had a dance party in my backyard! The song is the first in a "series of singles" I hope to put out over the next year.

Great Review

Check out this nice review of the show in Asheville, NC at the Grey Eagle!

New Single "Magic Slim Vs. Dynamite" Out Now!

My hopes and dreams is to start putting out a new song every few months. Keep the music coming as I write songs. If you like this idea please buy the new track and tell me what you think.

New single "Magic Slim Vs. Dynamite" by Sean Hayes. Recorded August 12th at New, Improved Recordings in Oakland. Engineered and mixed by Eli Crews. Bass Todd Sickafoose. Keys Michael Coleman. Drums Eric Kuhn. Voice and Guitar Sean Hayes.


Latest Album Available Worldwide

To all fans outside of North America - Our latest album, Before We Turn To Dust  has only been available in North America....but, starting today, it is finally available worldwide. Visit your favorite online retailer and it should be there waiting for you...

Fall 2013 Tour Announced

Sean and band head out on the road with The Blank Tapes supporting.  Check out the full dates here...


Singer/songwriter Sean Hayes is constantly looking for inspiration for his music. He found it in the story of a man named Moreese Bickham who served more than 40 years in Angola Prison. Little did he know that by writing the song, he was about to change Moreese’s story...


A special Valentine's Day Show at The New Parish in Oakland on February 14, 2013 has just been announced. Get your tickets here:


Gearing up for an extensive tour around the U.S. The fabulous Birds of Chicago will be opening, check out the dates, get your tickets and pass the word! Tour Dates and Ticket Info

About the Title and the Release Date

"Before we Turn to Dust" out September 11, 2012.

To release an album on September 11th saddles the title with extra meaning. Bob Dylan's newest, also out September 11th, is titled "Tempest." My newest "Before We Turn to Dust" points to some possible extra provocative meaning.

The question that comes up is, is the title related to 9/11? The answer is, only by coincidence.

Records traditionally come out on Tuesday. Not sure why. We had planned the release for September 4th. Turns out the Tuesday after Labor day weekend is a bad day to grab people's attention due to sunburns, hangovers and depression about going back to work. The next best Tuesday? September the 11th.

What the title "Before We Turn to Dust" means to me?

Going on five or six years now every so often I would pick up my guitar and start singing the line "you may spend all your money before you turn to dust/but you will never spend all your love" and that's as far as I would get with the song. An image of a child would come to mind but I was not ready to tackle any verses for such a chorus until recently when my son was born. Becoming a father I understood the line from a new perspective and finally the first verse came

"my little boy is smiling, soon he'll be sitting up/holding his own weight grabbing for you".

I wanted to remind myself, through song, that no matter how hard or stressful being a parent and provider would be, I would always have the most important gift to give. My love.

Thanks for listening!

Photo By Quinn Wharton