NEW TRACK "This Is Happening"
As heard in the HBO documentary film 'Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution'
'Low Light' Out Now!
CD Order Includes Immediate Download of the Tracks "She Knows" and "Love That Woman"


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Lyric Bottle Opener
A practical gift, open bottles with poetry.
"Heart All Full of Beats, The Stars All Full of Night", lyric from the song "Same God".
Women's Flower Crew Neck
  Men's Before We Turn To Dust Crew Neck
  Women's Before We Turn To Dust Crew Neck
Men's & Women's Rooster Crew Neck
Rooster Tote Bag
   Men's Yellow Moon T-Shirt
Before We Turn To Dust
Miss Her When I'm Gone (single) (2012) Outtakes & Alternatives (2011) Run Wolves Run (2010) “Honeybees Falling” 3-song EP (2009)
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Flowering Spade (2007)
Big Black Hole and
the Little Baby Star (2006)
  Alabama Chicken (2003)   Lunar Lust (2002) A Thousand Tiny Pieces (1999)
 $9.99  $9.99                
 $7.99  $7.99    $7.99   $7.99 $7.99